new jersey cheap hotels close to new york city


New Jersey is the perfect destination for those looking to find a great deal on a hotel close to New York City. Located just across the Hudson River, New Jersey offers an abundance of lodging options that are both affordable and conveniently situated. From budget-friendly motels located in charming towns such as Hoboken and Jersey City to luxurious hotels in Newark and Atlantic City, travelers can find ideal accommodations with easy access to downtown NYC.

For those seeking budget-friendly options near New York City, Hoboken and Jersey City offer plenty of affordable motels. Not only are these cities in close proximity to all the popular attractions of Manhattan, but they also boast some of the most picturesque views of the Hudson River and Manhattan skyline. A variety of cozy motels line up along Washington Street in Hoboken, while Jersey City has a selection of lodgings near its downtown area. Those looking for one night stays or longer can find decent rates here without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

Newark is another great option for hotels close to New York City, offering both affordability and luxury within easy reach of Manhattan’s attractions. In addition to numerous midrange lodgings around Newark Airport, the city center is home to several high-end hotels that provide top-notch amenities such as spa treatments, room service, event spaces and more at competitive prices. The best time to find discounted rates at these upscale hotels is during off-peak travel times throughout the year (e.g., Summer months).

Finally, Atlantic City is another nearby destination that provides guests with easy access to NYC while boasting its own unique entertainment scene. This bustling seaside resort town is well known for its world-class casinos as well as its array of luxury beachfront hotel accommodations. Although there are plenty of mid-range lodgings available here too, travelers should set aside some extra funds when staying in Atlantic City since many resorts offer package deals that include meals, entertainment packages and other perks that may prove difficult to pass up!

What city in New Jersey is closest to New York City?

The city closest to New York City in New Jersey is Hoboken. Located across the Hudson River, Hoboken offers breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline while providing convenient access to all of NYC’s main attractions. With plenty of budget-friendly motels situated along Washington Street, visitors can find ideal accommodations at unbeatable prices. There are also several high-end hotels in the area that provide top-notch amenities and discounts during off-peak travel times.

Is it cheaper to stay in New Jersey when visiting NYC?

Yes, it can be cheaper to stay in New Jersey when visiting NYC. With plenty of budget-friendly motels and mid-range lodgings located near downtown areas such as Hoboken, Jersey City and Newark, travelers can find decent rates without sacrificing comfort or convenience. In addition, many of the luxury hotels in Atlantic City offer package deals that include meals and entertainment packages at reduced prices. Therefore, visitors should consider staying across the river in order to get the best value for their money while still enjoying easy access to all of NYC’s attractions.