how many hotels rooms in las vegas?


Las Vegas is the most populous city in Nevada and the county seat of Clark County. The city is well-known for its casinos and nightclubs, as well as for a number of tourist attractions.

The population of Las Vegas was 527,724 at the 2010 census. The metropolitan area covers an area of 1,865 square miles (4,850 km2), with an estimated population of 2,229,099 in 2009.

The average hotel room in Las Vegas has 191 sq ft (17 m2) and there are about 135 hotels with over 100 rooms.

There are over 150 hotels in Las Vegas. The most popular hotels in the city are located on the famous Las Vegas Strip.

The total number of hotel rooms in Las Vegas is unknown, but it is estimated to be around 150,000.

Las Vegas is a city in the U.S. state of Nevada, located in Clark County. It is the most populous city in Nevada and the 35th-most populous city in the United States (2018).

The Las Vegas Valley is a major metropolitan area, home to over 2 million people. The Las Vegas Valley consists of four counties: Clark County, which covers most of the valley; Nye County; Lincoln County; and Esmeralda County.

The question is simple, but it has an answer that is not as straightforward.

The answer to the question is a little more complicated than one might think. There are a lot of factors that come into play when considering the number of rooms in Las Vegas, such as: what type of hotel? Is it a hotel on the strip? What time frame are we talking about?

Las Vegas is the most populous city in the state of Nevada, United States and is situated in the Las Vegas Valley.

Las Vegas has a total of 143,000 hotel rooms, which makes it one of the most popular destinations for tourists on earth.

Las Vegas is a city in Nevada that is famous for gambling, nightlife and entertainment. The city has many hotels which come in different shapes and sizes.

The average number of hotel rooms in Las Vegas is about 150,000.